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  • Modern Wall Art Paintings for Living Room

    Modern Wall Art Paintings for Living Room

    In a world full of machines and technology-based products, it is important to have something that serves as a reminder of life to you. In today’s world, art is more than just a source of room decoration, modern art challenges your intellectual abilities and makes you rethink the preexisting ideas that you might have held all your life. By dissolving ourselves into the feelings of art, we challenge our own mindset. Bare walls of a living room makes it prosaic. Most of the people focus on furniture and interior while deciding for room décor but they miss the most important thing that energizes the room — modern art paintings.Read More

    03-24-2022 Art Blog 66
  • Abstract Wall Art Paintings for Living Room

    Abstract Wall Art Paintings for Living Room

    Abstract art is the favorite choice of majority of the art lovers. Because of its enthralling pattern, composition and attractive elements of color, an abstract art painting can be very helpful in the creating an immediate mood for your living room. Socializing mainly occurs in a living room and the energy that abstract art radiates is something very splendid for the socialization. Abstract art implies movement due to its energetic patterns, therefore, it helps in setting a lively mood in the living room. Even if you are not an art lover, you can still feel the energy that the abstract art radiates. Abstract art for living room is the choice of most of the people because it attracts their guests too.Read More

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  • Art and Science introducing Painting VS Computer

    Art and Science introducing Painting VS Computer

    Once, long ago in a land called Communication, there lived a child named Painting. He was the son of a family called Artists. The Artists were one of the most influential families in the land and had close ties to other elite such as Speech, Writing, and Music. Painting held a position of authority in the land as did his younger brother Sculpture. The land of Communication was very structured and developed peacefully for thousands of years. One day, not long ago in the land of Technology, a daughter was born to a family called Scientist and they named the girl Photography. She was a bit of a misfit among the Scientists and they one day decided to put Photography up for adoption. The Scientists had noticed that Photography had a talent that they believed might be of interest to the Artists so they set about convincing the Artists that they should take young Photography as their own. After much deliberation the Artists finally agreed to take her in.Read More

    02-23-2022 Art Blog 73
  • Landscape Wall Art Paintings for Living Room

    Landscape Wall Art Paintings for Living Room

    Landscape paintings were very appreciated among famous painters and they are still required. If you are an art lover you should have a landscape painting not just for the beauty of it but as a great memory creator. We all know how pictures remind us of beautiful places we went or want to go, but what if we could experience emotions and feelings about that place even before we go there? Visit our gallery to experience this unique memory. Outdoor nature rendered by the fine lines of the painter’s brush and it’s light values and warm, vivid colours –just like a spring breeze - should be a reason enough to look at our art gallery and choose that special landscape painting that could be the greatest view of your mornings. You will appreciate the original canvas and the subtle light-hearted and carefree atmosphere.Read More

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