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  • Wall Art Decor Ideas for Living Room

    Wall Art Decor Ideas for Living Room

    The living room is the gathering place for the entire family and where visitors are welcomed. Because of this, the aesthetic element is crucial. You need to take into account how you adorn the walls in this space to get the required effect. The wall behind the sofa frequently houses the most decorations because the other walls are equally functional (you have shelves, cabinets or other objects). You must follow some guidelines to properly arrange your living room, but don't forget to employ your imagination and individual taste as well.Read More

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  • Large Wall Art Paintings for Living Room

    Large Wall Art Paintings for Living Room

    Even though they have a long history of being favored as decorative items, paintings continue to be the most popular choice. Since the living room is typically the largest and most beautiful room in the entire house, you may add more ornamental items to enhance its appearance. To fulfill its primary objective—to foster a mood of ease and relaxation—the living room's layout is crucial. Depending on their size, paintings are the simplest method to adorn your living space. Continue reading if you're looking for suggestions to assist you in selecting the right large painting for the living room.Read More

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  • Modern Wall Art Paintings for Living Room

    Modern Wall Art Paintings for Living Room

    Even the most modern and well-designed space will not seem complete without wall decor. The living space is furnished with expensive furnishings, luxurious bedding, and collectibles in addition to an outstanding apartment renovation. However, if the walls are left naked, you will feel uncomfortable even in the most appealing setting. Along with the furniture and décor, choosing paintings for the living room is essential to achieving the highest level of elegance and harmony. Some of the most prevalent forms of art that may be found in a house are paintings and paintings. Paintings, particularly contemporary paintings, give a space more personality and underline the mood you want to convey. Read More

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  • Abstract Wall Art Paintings for Living Room

    Abstract Wall Art Paintings for Living Room

    Abstract paintings are a direct, private, and intimate dialogue between the human mind and the brush, grasping a moment or a transitory feeling. It is an explosion of feelings that were never left out. It is hardly unexpected that abstract art has frequently been compared to a form of introspective mysticism by critics and artists. It emphasizes minimalism's use of color, strokes, and shape to produce an optical illusion of visual reality that is distinct from outside visual cues. One could assume that viewing abstract art should be exciting: a visual journey full of forms, patterns, and motion. An abstract piece of art may be highly effective in setting the ambiance for your living area right away because of its captivating pattern, composition, and color features.Read More

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  • Art and Science introducing Painting VS Computer

    Art and Science introducing Painting VS Computer

    Once, long ago in a land called Communication, there lived a child named Painting. He was the son of a family called Artists. The Artists were one of the most influential families in the land and had close ties to other elite such as Speech, Writing, and Music. Painting held a position of authority in the land as did his younger brother Sculpture. The land of Communication was very structured and developed peacefully for thousands of years. One day, not long ago in the land of Technology, a daughter was born to a family called Scientist and they named the girl Photography. She was a bit of a misfit among the Scientists and they one day decided to put Photography up for adoption. The Scientists had noticed that Photography had a talent that they believed might be of interest to the Artists so they set about convincing the Artists that they should take young Photography as their own. After much deliberation the Artists finally agreed to take her in.Read More

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  • Landscape Wall Art Paintings for Living Room

    Landscape Wall Art Paintings for Living Room

    Landscape paintings were very appreciated among famous painters and they are still required. If you are an art lover you should have a landscape painting not just for the beauty of it but as a great memory creator. We all know how pictures remind us of beautiful places we went or want to go, but what if we could experience emotions and feelings about that place even before we go there? Visit our gallery to experience this unique memory. Outdoor nature rendered by the fine lines of the painter’s brush and it’s light values and warm, vivid colours –just like a spring breeze - should be a reason enough to look at our art gallery and choose that special landscape painting that could be the greatest view of your mornings. You will appreciate the original canvas and the subtle light-hearted and carefree atmosphere.Read More

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