Large Wall Art Paintings for Living Room

Large Wall Art Paintings for Living Room


Even though they have a long history of being favored as decorative items, paintings continue to be the most popular choice. Since the living room is typically the largest and most beautiful room in the entire house, you may add more ornamental items to enhance its appearance. To fulfill its primary objective—to foster a mood of ease and relaxation—the living room's layout is crucial. Depending on their size, paintings are the simplest method to adorn your living space. Continue reading if you're looking for suggestions to assist you in selecting the right large painting for the living room.

Consider the Size of the Painting and the Wall

Choose the painting you want to decorate your living space and determine which wall it will go on. Is the wall big and vacant, or is it only a little area that you wish to make pretty? Even with an empty wall appearing to be the ideal circumstance, making the appropriate decision might be challenging.
As long as you use your imagination, the possibilities are endless. A modest artwork on a big wall and some plants around may offer a really relaxing scene. Of course, decorative items need to be adjusted for the location they will be used in. The paintings must also be acquired in the appropriate size for the wall on which they will be hung. A huge artwork draws attention and immediately becomes a focal point in the space, but you must make sure that the location you choose will allow you to adequately appreciate it, that is, from a distance.

Place it on the wall above the sofa or on the other wall, both of which work extremely well in an open-concept living area. If you hang a large painting over a sofa or a chest of drawers, be sure to consider the size of the furniture when doing so to ensure that the picture does not surpass it. A wall should be exclusively used for an enormous picture or canvas, free of any other ornaments. The size of the huge painting must match the dimensions of the wall or other area in which it will be hung. For example, a landscape-format painting looks best on a wall that is longer than broad, while a portrait-format painting will fit on a narrow, tall wall.

In a house, the rooms often need to be tastefully furnished while still seeming spacious. The level of comfort that a living room provides has a direct impact on how versatile it may be. There may be instances where the furnishings and decorations are among the most exquisite, yet the room itself lacks a pleasing appearance due to how crowded everything seems.

Remember to take into consideration the entire space when deciding where to hang an artwork. When deciding if a larger picture would fit in the living room, one must first observe it from a distance. However, remember that an empty wall is not the only place where you can place a large painting. The addition of a painting will significantly improve the appearance of a wall that has furniture.

Select a Shade that Blends in with the Decor of the Living Room

A plain room devoid of any ornamental items is comparable to a blank canvas. There are instances, though, where the living room is already furnished, the walls are painted a specific color, and you have other decorative items. In these cases, you must pick a painting that complements the living room in terms of color. What shades are most prominent in your living space? For example, the curtains and the sofa may be the biggest items in your living room, so it is important to find a painting that has a similar color palette.

Try to find complementary shades. An artwork with yellow highlights might look good next to a purple sofa. I try to find a color that matches the one that prevails in the living area. There are several color combinations that you may choose from. A picture that follows this criteria would look well in a living room that is furnished with various tones of the same hue.

Take into Account the Type of the Painting

Make sure you consider a number of factors before selecting a large painting for the living room. As options, you have the canvas painting or the hand painted paintings. The most popular and often utilized paintings in houses are canvas paintings since they are light, inexpensive, and come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and images. These paintings are available at any home improvement or décor store. Canvas paintings typically have a straightforward, contemporary, even minimalistic appearance. This is why a painting of this type looks good in contemporary homes with minimalist décor.

On the other hand, the hand painted paintings made by artists using tempera, oil paint, or other methods are significantly more unique. You must first consider that every artwork is unique and that none will be exactly like yours. Such a painting may add flair to any living space, but you must consider that it will require considerably more maintenance than a canvas painting because the colors and the canvas might be harmed by improper maintenance.
Considering all of these, make sure you choose the painting that suits your living room. Look for lighter iterations of the artwork if the wall cannot sustain a heavy one. Perfect ones lack metal or strong wood frames.


If you want something more traditional, pick a replica of a well-known landscape or portrait. A modern artist's work or a canvas painting in the same style might fit in a home with a minimalist and straightforward design. Paintings that are strategically positioned inside a home's interior design not only enhance its beauty but also foster the finest thoughts and ambitions. It's critical to remember that the paintings must complement the interior design of the space in which they will be displayed. You may bring a calming, harmonious ambiance to your home or workplace by selecting artworks that match your interior design aesthetic, personal preferences, and way of life. However, don't forget to carefully consider the color scheme of your living room, the arrangement of your furniture, and the size of your wall when choosing your large painting for the living room.

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