Large Wall Art Paintings for Living Room

Large Wall Art Paintings for Living Room

Large wall art paintings project not only a more modern style but it also emphasizes minimalism. Wall art paintings are not just a trend but a major element that makes a living room enchanting and mesmeric. Paintings create a calming effect in the room along with increasing our ability to focus. Wall art paintings are available is small, medium and large sizes. However, large wall art paintings has the ability to elevate the living room. Another major benefit of large wall art paintings is the flexibility to swap styles offered by these large sized paintings. With the changing trends, the styles can be changed if you have large wall art paintings in your living room. Without taking any floor space, large wall art paintings beautify the small spaces. A blank wall is the only requirement to give home to a striking wall art painting. In order to give your living room a brand new look that enchants everyone, you can choose a bold print to make a statement as well as an elegant print to promote peace in the living room. The budget or layout of the living space is not a problem when you make your mind to get some large wall art paintings. Expert interior decorators and rookie designers make large wall art paintings work for them.The size of large sized wall art can be anywhere near 36 x 48 inches (91.44 x 121.92 centimeters) and greater than this size. Following are the things to consider if you are planning on buying large sized wall art paintings.

Empty wall space for large sized wall art paintings

The first thing that you need to do before buying a large sized wall art painting is to look for a wall space that can support the painting. This will require you to take down existing paintings or anything that you have on a wall. Another tip for you is to reorganize your bookshelves as well as the furniture. For example, you can move your sofas on one side in order to make room for large sized wall art painting so that the paintings must be visible. Another idea to hang a large sized painting is to hang it above a minimalistic mantel. If the space between your windows is enough for a large painting then you can always use the opportunity. Accent walls near the entrance is also a good idea to make your living room look beautiful with large sized wall art paintings. It is better to make more empty space on the wall before decorating it with large sized wall art paintings. Artistic paintings always have to compete with the elements that are placed next to it so if you are thinking about combining large art right next to a massive window then the attention will be distracted from the beautiful art piece due to the window. Similarly, placing the large sized wall art paintings over an ornate mantel will also serve as a distraction.

Make your living room revolve around the art

It is important to arrange your furniture in accordance with the large sized wall art painting that you have bought. Set your painting as a focal point and arrange the furniture of the living room around it. The setting of the living room can result in various shapes like u-shape or square depending on your favorite style and setting choice. In case of the paintings that are hanging over a minimalistic mantel, the setting plays a vital role to increase the beauty of the living room. By pointing a sofa towards the large wall art painting is a pro tip for you. You can also organize chairs to face the large sized painting. An interesting idea is to place the large sized wall art painting between chairs and sofas that are placed across the room from each other.

Create many out of one

Not every large sized wall art painting is available in one frame but instead one piece can be spread across a number of art pieces. In order to cover a truly large wall, this is a scintillating idea. One large wall art painting can occupy several canvases and that will create a different and innovative design on the wall of your living room. Visual interest is added to the living space by using such creativity. Furthermore, the pieces of one painting allows the color of the wall to peek through. As a result, a more cohesive appearance is given to the room. Several different pieces of one large sized wall art painting are also easier to transport.

Go creative by going three-dimensional

The expression of creativity in the living room is represented the best by three-dimensional art. You can opt to choose dimensional panels or multi-tier canvases that stick out from the wall. These multi-tier canvases can act as as accent walls of different varieties. This texture drags the focus on the large wall art painting and creates visual interest. Getting attention is the main objective of large wall art paintings and dimensional panels can help you to achieve just that! If you have bought a colorful large sized wall art painting then a neutral color scheme will help you to make the painting the focal point. Similarly, if your art piece consists of black and white stark design then you can place it against a backdrop. Wood paneling or a colorful paint would be a better choice.


You should always consider the ideas and tips while planning to buy a large wall art painting. In order to make the painting a focal point, you should always go for the paintings that draw you in visually. Some examples of interesting large wall art paintings include any imagery like a geometric optical illusions. However, you have to consider the factors like the available wall space in the living room, the possible arrangement of furniture according to the painting etc. before buying the large wall art painting for your living room.

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